Harley Davidson Street XG750 Special Edition

So, you’re nearing the boiling point. Tons of work, traffic woes, financial difficulties, and domestic concerns are already causing you sleepless nights. You need a release valve to let go of the steam that is fast building up inside you before you explode.

The Harley-Davidson StreetXG750 Special Edition comes to the rescue like a knight in shining armor. This stealthy and shiny black number was conceived by the legendary American motorcycle brand to lower down your blood pressure amid your struggle to survive the daily grind. It blends well with both urban and rural settings, and due to its agile characteristics, this 227kg short-wheelbase cruiser allows you to weave in and out of traffic with ease versus the majority of Harleys with bigger and longer frames.


No to plastic bikel parts. Yes to steel components.

Following the success of this entry- level cruiser in the Philippine market, Harley-Davidson of Manila has opted to accessorize alimited number of units and give them the ‘Special Edition’ badge. The bike maker is targeting Asian emerging markets, including the Philippines, due to their fast-growing economies. Although manufactured in India, the Street XG750 is still very much Harley-Davidson.

It’s powered by the 750cc Revolution X V-Twin engine, which has a peak output of 58hp and maximum torque of 59Nm at 4,000rpm. The stock exhaust is actually more subdued compared with that of other Harley- Davidsons, although there are also available OEM pieces if you do wish to reclaim the signature loud, magical Harley sound. Moreover, the Screamin’ Eagle 10mm Phat spark-plug wires give an extra power boost to the liquid-cooled V-Twin powerplant.

Harley fanatics hate bike parts that are made of plastic, and for this reason, the StreetXG750 retains the brand’s old-school peanut-shaped steel tank. The front and rear fenders are made of steel, too.

This being a cruiser, the foot pegs are positioned higher for a more relaxing ride. The bike rolls on big 100/80 R1752H rubber in front and 140/75 R15 65 H rollers at the rear, keeping it stable on the road at all times. For better stopping power, an antilock brake system comes as standard equipment.

Harley-Davidson has always been particular about riding ergonomics. The StreetXG750’s 3.5in chrome-laced instrument gauge shows the rider info and settings like speed, high beam and neutral mode, time, dual trip meter, fuel and fuel-pressure warnings, engine diagnostics readouts, revs and gear displays, low-battery message, and LED indicator lights. Also, if you’re caught in a standstill, just remain seated on the wide and well-cushioned saddle. With seat height at only 28.2in, your feet will be completely touching the ground, thus requiring less effort to balance the motorbike.

This Special Edition variant is equipped with a sleek5.75in Daymaker LED headlamp that produces a powerful white beam during nighttime. Its dark custom Air Cleaner insert and medallions on either side add characters to this American two-wheeled icon. The Edge Cut footpegs, shifter peg, and small brake-pedal pad come in a stylish two-tone black and silver finish. The same carved-out design is dominant on the muffler end cap and the hand grips. The most tangible add-on to the Special Edition, however, is the orange Street decal and Tank Knee Pad kit that elevate the sportiness of the cruiser’s stance.

Content to just stare at it? Don’t be. Hop on and experience what it’s like to be recharged to the max without any bullshit. Pack your things and get ready for the great escape!


Harley-Davidson Street X6750 Special Edition

harley-davidson-xg750-1Price: 10,000
Engine: 749cc, water-cooled, V-Twin
Power: 57.6hp @ 8,000rpm
Torque: 59Nm @ 4,000rpm
Final drive: Belt
Seat height: 28.2in

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