Greatest Cars of 2015

Bentley GT3-R – Brawler of the year!


Take a standard Continental, tune the 4.0-litre V8 engine so it develops 572bhp and 516lb-ft of torque, then hand it over to the British marque’s racing division for some suspension and bodywork tweakery. Voilà: you have the recipe for the very fast, very mean GT3-R. It’s over 100 kg lighter than the V8 S, upon which it’s based, and wears a suspension system optimised for the circuit. Expect fuel bills to be astronomical but very little turns heads quite like a Bentley with a body kit.

Ariel Nomad – Top big boy’s toy!


The Ariel Atom’s “mucky brother” packs a safety cage bronze-welded by experts, a Bilstein damper system borrowed from the rallying world and a 2.4-litre iVTEC Honda engine that screams through the rev range. As close to a full-on Dakar racer as £33.000 can buy, it’s the epitome of a pointless but brilliant purchase.

Seat Leon Cupra ST – Hottest family runaround


Flick this seemingly sedate estate into Cupra mode, and experience the full 276bhp provided by the turbocharged 2.0-litre engine shared with the Golf R. Expect to hit 155mph, tackle corners at face-melting speed and flick through the DSG gearbox like an F1 pro. Just make sure the kids are strapped in tight …

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