Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Aperta

Ferrari can’t help themselves. They’re always building extremely limited-run uber-expensive open-top versions of their models. In 2014 alone they gave us the F60 America (10 built) and the 458 Speciale A (499 built). For their current Spider (project Aperta), Ferrari have not revealed how many will be built (we’re betting less than 100), but apparently all been sold to specially selected Ferrari owners — with names, locations and bribe amounts unknown.

While it shares the same performance stats and sits on the same rims as the original, it’s what the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider is lacking that makes it diff erent — a removable carbon fibre roof. But even without the roof, torsional rigidity is not compromised, as the carbon fibre tub uses four diff erent types of carbon and is as strong as Tarzan and Arnie combined.


Naturally, the super sunroof version uses the same hybrid gas-electric drivetrain as the coupe; meaning 789 naturallyaspirated horses meet 161 electric ponies for an overall 950 horsepower combined with all that race-inspired Ferrari luxury.

While it can’t outrun the Bugatti Veyron convertible (408 km/h), it is still one of the fastest, rarest cars on today’s stage — and we wouldn’t kick it out of our garage.


Engine: 6.3 litre V12

Transmission: F1 Style KERS System

Power: 708kW

TORQUE: 715 lb-ft

TOP SPEED: 349 km/h

0-100KM/H: 2.4 seconds

Price: $3 million (est)


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