Ferrari GTC4 Lusso


PRICE: $578,888

SPECS: 6.2 LITRE V12, S07kW, 697Nm, OTO 100km/h


A Ferrari with four seats seems as unnecessary as an outdoor toilet in a high-rise apartment block. But then there’s much that’s absurd about the new Lusso, from the vast size of its engine to its ‘passenger screen’ – essentially a speedo for your partner, as if they need to know how fast you’re going.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Yet when you drive the Lusso – as close a thing Ferrari will ever get to building an SUV, because its all-wheel-drive system does allow you to take yourself and three friends to the ski slopes – it suddenly makes sense. Spacious and stylish inside, it even manages to look good from the outside, despite its shooting-brake design, and it somehow seems much smaller than it is when you throw it at tight, winding roads. Something this big and batshit mental shouldn’t really feel like a proper Ferrari, but the Lusso nails it on the head.

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