Ferrari F12 TDF

Like the rest of the world, we appreciate a good Ferrari, and the 2016 F12 TDF is not only an amplified version of the F12 coupe, but is also the fastest/most powerful Ferrari for sale in Australia today. Good enough?

Despite following the hardcore 599 GTO, the GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato) badge on this model was sadly dropped, as Ferrari opted to name this model after the Tour de France (the endurance road race, not the big bike ride).


Questionable naming aside, Ferrari engineers have managed to squeeze 574kW from the V12 at 8,900 revs — dwarfing the standard model’s 545kW @ 8250rpm. The double-clutch
box has also been given the TDF treatment, with upshifts quickened  by 30%, and downshifts by 40%.

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