Fast Review For Jaguar F-Type SVR Convertible

Usually, the enthusiast should buy the hard-top version of a sports car. Better handling, bit cooler, usually cheaper.

But the F-Type SVR Convertible bucks that trend. Because when an exhaust emits the same sound as the Corvettes at Le Mans, you want as much of that to reach your lugs as possible. Even if you do sometimes wonder if making such a racket on the road is legal.


The SVR also happens to be an exemplary sports car. Perhaps jag’s best ever. There’s no open-top shimmy, and with four-wheel drive, it exhibits grip and composure that’s a world away from lesser Fs. It’ll still allow you to act the imp if you wish, though. And with such a naughty noise to accompany your behaviour, that seems inevitable.


Jaguar F-Type SVR Convertible

Price: £115,485
Engine: 5000cc, V8, super-charghed
Transmission: All-wheel drive
Power: 567bhp
Torque: 516lb ft
CO2/tax band: 269g/km, 25.0mpg
0-62mph: 3.7sec
Top speed: 195mph
Kerb weight: 1720kg


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