Faraday Future FFZERO1 – The Extreme Machine

There are a lot of changes in the world of automobile technology right now, and one of the star attractions at this year’s CES show was a concept car that wraps them all up in one neat package. The FFZERO1 is the brainchild of Faraday Future, an auto-technology company based in California and established in 2014. Although the FFZERO1 is strictly a concept – and a concept racing car, at that – Faraday Future is building a new $1bn plant in Nevada, because it plans to bring the tech showcased on the FFZERO1 to market within the next couple of years. And what a list of technologies that is. For starters, the FFZERO1 is fully electric, with four 1,000bhp motors that can push it to speeds exceeding 320km/h (200mph) and take you from 0-60 in less than three seconds.

It’s also autonomous, so you can leave it to drive itself if you want to. And if you do want to, you can keep yourself amused by taking advantage of the car’s cutting-edge electronics, which centre around a tablet/ smartphone dock in the steering wheel. Thanks to funding from Letv (think: the Chinese YouTube) there’ll be access to a range of streamed entertainment, while as well as all the navigation gubbins you’d expect, there’s the ability to project augmented reality (AR) items onto the road in front of you. Presumably the latter refers to things like arrows that tell you when to turn right or left, or gradient lines to denote a particularly nasty camber, rather than your daily commute becoming an AR version of Grand Theft Auto


FEZERO1’s augmented reality dock can help you navigate

The FFZERO1 also features an aerodynamic carbon-fibre shell, a driving seat based on NASA research into zero-g ergonomics that positions the driver at a 45° angle, and a heads-up display inside the helmet visor (this is a race car, don’t forget). It’s exactly the kind of beast you might expect if you brought together a team of engineers and designers poached from the likes of Tesla, Lotus, BMW and Porsche – which, of course, is exactly what Faraday Future has done. It’s also precisely the kind of sleek speed machine you might expect to see if you crossed the Batmobile with KITT from Knight Rider- which is exciting in itself Now let’s see how many of its design and engineering innovations find their way to the eventual production vehicle…


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