Faraday Future FFZero1 – The Comfort Provider for Racing Emotions

Adaptable chassis tech, smartphone enabled vehicle setup, zero-gravity seats and 1,000bhp performance from four electric motors. Could American start-up Faraday Future give the supercar establishment a shock?

Performance cars, supercars or hypercars – whatever you choose to call them, they exist to push the boundaries of what’s possible with today’s driving technology. Whether it’s in terms of their horsepower and handling or materials and design, they are extreme machines; a rare and exotic species that few but the most privileged of drivers will ever get to experience.

At least not in their purest form, anyway. Because eventually, the cutting-edge technology developed to make such cars so special finds its way on to the everyday vehicles most of us actually drive, albeit in a diluted, more practical form.

Turbochargers, anti-lock brakes and electronic engine control units – all things we take for granted today, were tried and tested on yesterday’s high-performance cars before they trickled down to the hatchbacks currently parked outside our homes.


Today’s crop of hypercars (that’s one step above mere super cars) – headed up by Ferrari’s LaFerrari, McLaren’s P1 and the Porsche 918 -showcase the latest advances in active aerodynamics, composite materials, hybrid drivetrains and electronic driver aids. Whether you could actually use all this performance on the road is another matter, but if you’re wealthy enough to buy one that’s no issue because you probably have a circuit in your garden anyway.

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