Explosive M2 – Back to Basics

Another unique story about the M2 – you’ll discover at the first big bite of steering overlaid with throttle – is that unlike most players in the segment, here, only the rear wheels deliver power. BMW’s true provenance radiating through at a time when the only thing you read about is the next depressing autonomous driving system trying to flush out all human involvement.

And while in the past, BMW’s motor plan would turn a blind eye to such antics; here the company readily wants you to embrace it through a new smokey burnout function (their Germanic words) that makes people in Mustangs feel a little inadequate. The truth of the matter, regardless how visually impressive, is that the M2 is far more talented than a gimmicky burnout feature – no harm in giving it a few goes however, for review sake.

Progress at any point of over steer relies on the 3.0-litre turbocharged straight six; a Frankenstein mish-mash of N55 (that’s 335i) and S55 used on the current M4. BMW M2 mitigates the need for two turbo chargers because its pistons, cooling system and elements of the exhaust are so advanced that 272kW is always on tap, and a 30 second over boost function temporarily raises the torque to 500Nm.

bmw-m2-engineThe numbers dissect the 1M and M4 almost perfectly, being a little lighter in some instances or a little less powerful in others. And rather specially, you can curate the engine’s revs through a six-speed manual or BMW’s DCT gearbox. What’s it to be? For any other model you’d probably buckle at the thought of traffic but this is one car we’d salute you for owning in manual.


This is the point where I tell you the bad news, right? Sorry there isn’t any of that. Priced at less than the outgoing M3, this is one of those rare moments where the right parts click together in a way that’s simple and pure. BMW M-Division has found a way to please both ends of its loyal market and that achievement deserves one smokey burnout.

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