Explosive M2 – Back to Basics

Are you of the opinion that BMW’s M cars have gotten bloated over the years? That some of the marque’s best cars came into existence when luxury items were left off and a lighter, pared back product was the aftermath? And don’t get us started on all-wheel drive shenanigans, which may not be too far away…

bmw-m2-brakesIf you didn’t get your window of opportunity at owning a BMW 1M, a second chance is coming up fast with the BMW M2 and this time there won’t be limited numbers, just a tortuously long waiting list. In some instances, the M2 is a direct successor to the seminal 1M – the bulging arches, quad pipes, uprated brakes, and small guy with a killer right hook – sort of mentality. Good things, you’ll concur proof that BMW has a few rebels in its ranks who can give the family tree a shake from time to time or awaken the spirits of the original M3.

That branch of the family tree is the M235i, but where that didn’t get the full-blown treatment under M-Division, the M2 does, thanks to a blood transfusion with the M4. Bits have been rearranged and boiled down to their new state; or a few hysterical minutes behind the wheel and you’d swear they were initially designed for this size and then adapted for the M4.


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