Emperor I Maybach S600

Extreme, exaggerated, tacky, ridiculous and kissing the limit of the catalogue we know for being considered a car. This preamble should prepare you, but we are sure that it is not enough to warn how the so-called Emperor I, the first creation of the Canadian tuner Scaldarsi Motors based on a Mercedes-Maybach S600, represents.


The gold details that are scattered here and there, especially in the huge wheels are 24-karat gold, the front grille appears to be taken by a hybrid TV series mixing “Mad Max” and “Game of Thrones”, but the eyes do not leave a moment of rest from the multitude of details and “ideas” of these Canadian boys, certainly interested in entering with a bang in the automotive world.


They shoved a V12 biturbo Brabus engine under the hood, capable of delivering 888hp and launch the Emperor of opulence from 0 to 100 in just 3.6 seconds, while for the interior you can choose between 24 different types of leather and well 78 different types of wood.


You will be able to take home one of the only 10 units to be produced, paying out at least 1 million and a half and at that point you can also pick any of the hundreds other gadgets, and optional extras such as the Rolex watch at the center of the console, a full set of leather cases and anything else (more or less useful) that can ever come to your mind.


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