Discover Another Face Of Zonda

In recent times we have seen many variants of the Zonda promising to be the latest version to be produced, but fortunately – for one reason or another – Horacio and his team found a way to give us a masterpiece more even after the arrival of the Huayra. At Pebble Beach we have been able to admire an even more special Zonda, and not only because this time will be the last ever produced for real, but because it represents the very personal gift for Horacios 60th birthday, which happens also next to the 18th of the Zonda.

The unmistakable shape of the Zonda is enhanced by all the experience gained over the years and thanks to the extensive use of carbon-titanium, as well as the excellent customization made for the passenger compartment, made by the Uno-di-Uno department. To push the HP Barchetta the classic V12 AMG coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox, while the focal point of the entire car is without doubt the cut windscreen and the absence of the roof, thus offering more scenic presence to the air intake placed behind the driving seat. Another interesting bit is that the rims are blue on the right side and silver on the left one. Of course, they did not mention any price tag, and we believe that this Barchetta will definitely be the ultimate Zonda.

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