Dangerous Curves – Pagani Huayra

The $1.8 million Pagani Huayra is the sexiest thing to come out of Italy since Sophia Loren.It’s hard to believe that these sensuous lines aren’t from the future, or at least a conception of what the future might look like. But this is the Pagani Huayra, a best-of-everything 730-horsepower twin-turbo V12 Italian hypercar that’s available right now, if $1.8 million counts as being available. Along with insanely high performance, that price tag buys exclusivity for its owners. And it’s a tough club to join. When Pagani revealed an even pricier $2.5 million limited edition called the Huayra BC at the Geneva International Motor Show this year, all 20 were sold before the car was even announced.

The Huayra’s engine is sourced from Mercedes-AMG, a company with a longstanding performance reputation, and some recent Formula 1 world championships, to vouch for its know-how. The car’s seven-speed automated manual transmission is from Xtrac, the outfit that provides gearboxes for the very highest levels of racing. Inside, the shifter, pedals and other controls reflect a steampunk design aesthetic that could have been borrowed from the set of Dune.


Company founder and chief designer Horacio Pagani introduced the Huayra in 2011, with styling he said was conceived with active aerodynamics in mind. The car has four flaps that extend at speed, and it lowers the front suspension to balance minimal drag with maximum downforce. Pagani doesn’t get specific about the Huayra’s top speed, but he will say that it exceeds 200 mph. To give you an idea, when the BBC’s Top Gear tested it on its track, the Huayra turned the fastest-ever lap for a street car.


“We are delighted that the audience has appreciated our efforts in trying to make a car that conveys not only cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art engineering but also the continued pursuit of making every single piece beautiful and functional,” said Pagani. Consider us delighted, too.


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