Dacia Duster Proves Once Again That Less Is More

Dacia’s reputation for no-nonsense, affordable and robust cars is well established. And they don’t come much more robust than the Duster. Whatever the conditions, the Duster guarantees a great drive.

And for the first time, the Duster is now available as an automatic. The Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic gearbox gives you easy and smooth shifting, without jerking or loss of acceleration. It’s the perfect combination of the smoothness you expect from an automatic and the responsiveness of a manual.

The EDC transmission also features the Duster’s Hill Start Assist, meaning it’s a breeze on steep slopes. Available on the Laureate, flagship Prestige and the 2017 Special Edition SE Summit, the automatic EDC gearbox works in perfect tandem with the Duster’s 1.5 dCi 110 turbodiesel engine.

The Dacia Duster EDC is available from £15,495*, making it one of the best value automatic SUVs in the market. The good news doesn’t end there. All this smart engineering is housed in the Duster’s newly enhanced styling, including a muscular yet impressively detailed grille, double optic headlights and improved rear lighting.

The Duster is just the car for the job, whether on the high street, dual carriageway or twisty country lanes. The automatic Duster offers the right combination of style and convenience for urban as well as rural settings – it marries sleek bodywork with a large 475-litre boot, with space for up to five people.

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