Comic Stripped – Lotus Evora Sport 410

We say: Evora gets to join the Lotus lightweight greats – so long as you’re hard enough


It’s time to enjoy yourself!

I’m sure my English teacher once told me it’s poor form to bosh out a list early on in a piece of written work, but hopefully Mr Lennie will allow me this one. The Evora’s had some mega attention to detail lavished on it.

Beautiful herringbone weave carbon fibre drops 12kg from the rear deck, 2kg off the roof, 2kg off the front access panel, and so on. Stickers replace badges. The rear windows are now made of carbon. Take it from me, you won’t relish reverse-parking a 410 outside Harrods.

lotus-evora-1The glass partition between engine room and humans is now one pane thick, not two. Saves weight, and halves the insulation from the stupendous-sounding 3.5-litre supercharged V6, now developing 416bhp, up from 400 in the boggo Evora. Unlike those new turbo Caymans, here’s an engine that rewards revving, building smoothly instead of teasing with lag and then catapulting you directly into a speed awareness course.

Though the springs are carried over from the Evora 400, the fact they’re supporting a lighter car gives an effective increase in spring rate, and the result is a very busy ride on the road. A modern Porsche 911 GT3 is subtle in its track-readiness. The ultra-firm Lotus is not. No aircon or radio either – re-speccing that ballast costs $2,500.

There are bigger brakes that still wilt on track, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres that don’t, a 5mm ride drop and more negative camber and toe-in. The lighter, re-engineered gearbox now has a delicious shift. And the praise list is only getting started.

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