Centenario Pierces Gravity With a Power of 759bhp V12 New Engine

New £1.64m supercar packs Lamborghini’s most potent production engine yet and extreme aero

Lamborghini has revealed a new 759bhp V12 supercar at the Geneva motor show. The Centenario, which has been created to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the company’s founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, is based on the Aventador. Just 20 coupé and 20 roadster examples will be built and all have been sold, priced at close to £1.64 million each.

Freed from the restrictions of a full-production model, the Centenario pushes the design of the already striking Aventador into new levels of extreme. It flaunts sharply angled carbonfibre bodywork with deep air intakes and ducts carving across the body, making even the hardcore Aventador SV look tame. Lamborghini says the Centenario has been designed with downforce in mind, and evidence comes with that ultra-low nose, which houses wide-mouthed intakes and
six vertical vanes.

Further verification can be found at the back, where a massive rear diffuser uses six long vanes that stretch from the car’s underside up to its tail-lights. In addition, an active rear wing extends to 150mm and rotates up to 15deg, depending on the car’s driving mode. Although the Centenario is unique in its extreme look, several features, such as the headlights, appear to take influence from the Huracán.

lamborghini centenario2

Its Y-shaped rear lights are taken from the Asterion concept, and the long, swooping roofline makes the car’s Aventador underpinnings obvious. Much of the running gear has been carried over from the Aventador, including a naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 that drives all four wheels through Lamborghini’s IDR single-clutch seven-speed transmission.

In the Centenario, the V12’s power has been ramped up to 759bhp, 19bhp more than that of the Aventador SV, and a new limiter raises maximum revs from 8350rpm to 8600rpm. This makes it Lamborghini’s most potent production engine yet. The company says the Centenario can accelerate from zero to 62mph in 2.8sec, which matches the Aventador SV. But the new model’s extra reserves and focus are made clearer by its 0-186mph time: it reaches the mark in just 23.5sec, half a second faster than the SV. Top speed is more than 217mph.

The Centenario weighs 1520kg dry, 5kg less than the SV, and adopts Lamborghini’s latest four-wheel steer system to improve agility. It features a set of beefy carbon-ceramic brakes behind those 20in front and 21in rear wheels, which come wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tyres as standard. Inside, carbonfibre seats are joined by Alcantara-wrapped door panels and contrasting stitching. A 10.1in touchscreen dominates the car’s centre console and features Apple CarPlay as standard.

lamborghini centenario-1

The infotainment system is connected to the internet, so passengers can use social media and email as well listen to web radio. For buyers planning to venture on track, the infotainment system incorporates sophisticated telemetry software, which can record speeds, times and g-forces, while two interior cameras can record the overall experience. There’s also space for two helmets in the back.

As you’d expect with a £1.64 million car, buyers can extensively customise the exterior and interior colours by using Lamborghini’s Ad Personam personalisation programme. First deliveries are expected late this year.

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