Cayenne: The King Is Back

The Cayenne represents at its best the words Sport and Performance, regardless of the weight and ground clearance of this “maxi 911”. The third generation of Stuttgart’s SUV has just been introduced and brings with it a multitude of features that will make it the perfect choice for those who do not want to accept any compromise. As with the new Panamera, a light alloy frame has been used, which in addition to saving a few pounds of weight, also gives a better reactivity at the wheel, useful for letting you live a driving experience that is extremely close to that of a traditional sports car.

All-wheel drive with choice between 4 different driving modes (mud, gravel, sand or rock) and new 8-speed automatic gearboxes will be mated with the first two available engines: a 3-liter with 340 horsepower and 436Nm of torque and the 2.9 twin-turbo outputting 440 horses and 550Nm of the Cayenne S.

In the passenger compartment the many buttons that were on the dashboard and central tunnel leave, in favor of a cleaner and cutting edge control panel, just like on the Panamera. The Cayenne also gains a few millimeters in width and length, while keeping its wheelbase unchanged, but what lies behind the dress is the innate ability to devour roads of any sort, without distinction between a racing track and a dirt path. The third generation of Cayenne will be available starting at around € 78,030, while the S version needs at least € 95,598. Let’s wait for it!

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