Volkswagen Golf GTI Mark I – 1976

Volkswagen-Golf-GTI-Mark-I - 1976

The mid-1970s was a heady era for Volkswagen. The company was flourishing after the runaway success of both the Scirocco and the Golf. In fact VW had sought to copy Ford’s marketing strategy of boosting economy model sales by association with the sporty character of a close automotive relative, and chosen the Scirocco for the … [Read more…]

Volkswagen Scirocco Mark I – 1974


The Volkswagen Scirocco arrived with a dual purpose. It was intended to replace the Karmann Ghia as the affordable sports coupe in VW’s range, and to share a major company image makeover with the forthcoming VW Golf. The VW Beetle was thirty years old.

Volkswagen Type 2 (Camper) – 1950

Volkswagen Camper 1950

The Type 2 KombinatiornsKraftWagen or ‘Kombi’ was originally intended as a utilitarian commercial transporter for the numerous new business enterprises that sprang up after World War II. It was built on a modified Type 1 (Beetle) platform and almost as soon as it was introduced it became clear there was a market for a passenger … [Read more…]

Volkswagen Beetle – 1938

Volkswagen Beetle - 1938

After coming to power in 1933, the Nazi dictator Adolf Hiller wanted to produce a ‘People’s Car (Volkswagen). Hitler told brilliant engineer Ferdinand Porsche to create this affordable vehicle in an echo of Henry Ford’s ‘any color as long as it’s black’ remark telling Porsche that the price could be anything he liked ‘as long … [Read more…]