All the Car You’ll Ever Need – VW Golf 1.0 TSI


A Golf. Short of needing seven seats or some genuine off-road ability, those two words can answer just about any car requirement you care to throw our way. Stratospheric mpg from an unashamedly prosaic hatchback? Buy the diesel BlueMotion. Tech-heavy hybrid to coo over and feel environmentally cocksure about? Try the GTE. Serious track-day toy … [Read more…]

Best First Wheels – Volkswagen Up


Yeah, yeah, we all know Volkswagens are sensible cars, and among sensible cars they’re among the most desirable. But there’s a widespread assumption that you pay for that combination. If we’re giving an award for Best First Wheels, surely cost is pretty well paramount? It turns out the littlest Volkswagen is a bit of a … [Read more…]

Fast Q&A For VW Golf GTI Clubsport Edition 40 and Mercedes-AMG A 45 4Matic


Time to trade in the family wagon? VW Golf GTI Clubsport: Middle class sportswagen celebrates 40th birthday with more power, real downforce and tasteful GTI nods. Only 1000 coming to the UK too, so think of a good hiding place. Mercedes-AMG A 45: Elder if not elderly statesman of the group inserts four-wheel drive, DCT … [Read more…]

Revamped Golf Gets New Engines And More Tech

The revamped Mk7 Volkswagen Golf “marks the beginning” of a renewed brand line-up by 2020, according to Volkswagen brand boss Herbert Diess. Describing the revised C-segment hatchback as “smart, safer and more connected” at its unveiling in Wolfsburg, Germany, Diess said the Golf is the most important model in the VW range and “the essence … [Read more…]

Seven-seat SUV Woos Back Buyers In The US

Volkswagen’s fightback in the US following the Dieselgate scandal has begun with the unveiling of the all-new Atlas. The large SUV, which won’t be coming to Europe, arrives after a lengthy development period and has its sights set on the US. It gets a US-friendly name and a muscular look inspired by the design of … [Read more…]