Golf GTE Lets You Drive More Efficiently

The new Golf GTE is unlike any other hybrid. That is, a plug-in performance hybrid that’s capable of zero driving emissions, but can still knock your socks off. In the not too distant past, test drivers would groan at the mere mention of having to drive a hybrid.

Volkswagen Passat TSI Has Many Things To Offer

Petrol family saloons have been out of favour for more than a decade, thanks to taxation and company car rules designed to fevour diesel models. But recent events have forced a rethink and have made products such as the latest petrol-powered Volkswagen Passat more relevant again. This isn’t just a regular turbo petrol engine, either. … [Read more…]

Volkswagen Golf R Drives Like Never Before

Understatement is a hallmark of the Golf R which from day one has been the true embodiment of the inadvisability of judging a book by its cover. Now comes the latest iteration of the most potent of Wolfsburg’s hot hatches and the basic formula hasn’t changed a jot. Sure, there are detail changes to bumper … [Read more…]

Volkswagen Golf R: Fast & Classy

TEN BRAKE HORSEPOWER Ten. Doesn’t sound a lot, does it? And, truth be told, I’m not sure I can tell the difference on the road – not without driving old and new Golf Rs back-to-back. But that 310hp headline power figure subtly but assuredly elevates the latest R above the recently revised SEAT competition. It’s … [Read more…]

Volkswagen Atlas Comes With Seven-Seat SUV

Volkswagen’s latest bid to be more than a niche player in the US begins with the Atlas, a three-row SUV intended to rival established players such as the Honda Pilot and Ford Explorer. VW hasn’t had a seven-seater in the US since the unloved Routan- a thinly disguised Dodge Grand Caravan -was dropped a few … [Read more…]