Vauxhall Mokka X 1.4T 140

The Mokka X is the facelifted version of the small Vauxhall SUV that sells extremely well despite not being particularly inspiring to drive. Such a story is typical of cars in a segment that is largely shunned by enthusiasts but lapped up by everybody else. The Mokka counts the Renault Captur and Skoda Yeti among … [Read more…]

Vauxhall VX220


It’s not often you can accuse a car of being too good. When Vauxhall finally decided to create a small sports car, it approached the project with a gusto belying the timidity of the brand image. The VX220 took all its cues from the Lotus Elise, already established as a highly successful racer, and improved … [Read more…]

Vauxhall PA Cresta – 1957

Vauxhall PA Cresta - 1957

Few cars are so evocative of Britain’s late 50s obsession with American culture as the PA range. The introduction of the PA Cresta was the culmination of several years’ gradual Americanization of the Vauxhal marque and the drift away from the small-car market with which it had been associated in the prewar years.