Toyota Mirai


The Mirai is a hybrid with no engine. Instead, it gets a hydrogen fuel cell – the first one on sale in the UK. Hydrogen and oxygen are pumped into either side of the membranes of the fuel cell, and a catalyst separates the electron from the hydrogen proton.

Toyota RAV4 – 1994


The 1990s saw an explosion in the popularity of full-size crossover SUVs — luxury cars re-engineered to have all-wheel drive and tall ride height. The decade also saw a huge surge in the popularity of compact crossover SUVs. The principle was the same, but the smaller versions were targeted at those who didn’t have to … [Read more…]

Toyota MR2 – 1984


The legendary influence of Lotus, especially strong throughout the 1970s, spread to some unlikely places. Toyota produced cars a world apart from Lotus’ philosophy of sports car design. Only their research team had the freedom to explore the possibility of a practical, above all economical, car that was also fun to drive. Toyota’s MR2 began … [Read more…]

Toyota Supra Turbo Mark III – 1986

Toyota Supra Turbo Mark III - 1986

Like a child growing up and setting out on a life of adventure, in 1986 the Mark III was the Toyota Supra that stepped out of the Celica’s shadow, dropping both its Celica prefix and its overtly derivative styling. The new, 2+2 Supra kept its rear-wheel drive (the Celica changed to front-wheel drive), but got … [Read more…]

Toyota Celica A20/35 1st Series – 1970


During some 35 years of success, seven generations of the Toyota Celica have never deviated far from the principles which governed the genesis of the first series. The Celica A20/35 was profiled as a four-seat, pillarless, hardtop coupe that filled the gap between Toyota’s 2000GT supercar and the family-oriented Carina saloon. In October 1970 at … [Read more…]

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 – 1960

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 - 1960

The famous World War II Willys Jeep continued after 1945 as the civilian CJ model, offering a no-frills, rugged four-wheel drive vehicle. Toyota certainly thought it was a good idea, after building Jeeps to a Willys spec for American troops to use in the nearby Korean War.