Suzuki Cappuccino – 1991


The Japanese have an honourable tradition of building sports cars with tiny engines, and showed they hadn’t forgotten how with the splendid little front mid-engined Suzuki Cappuccino that made an appearance in 1992. This met Kei-car specifications (allowing it to exploit Japan’s favourable tax and insurance regime for small cars). Weighing in at a featherweight … [Read more…]

Suzuki Samurai (SJ Series) – 1986

Suzuki Samurai (SJ Series) - 1986

The Suzuki Samurai had more aliases than Mr Nice. The early star of the SJ series began in 1982 as the Suzuki Jimny (SJ-30), a ‘kei car’ of restricted dimensions and power that exempted a domestic vehicle from various swingeing Japanese road taxes.

Suzuki SC100 GX ‘Whizzkid’ – 1979


The Suzuki name is now garlanded with accolades from two-wheel motor sports. Such success was inconceivable when, in 1952, the company abandoned its long history of making industrial looms for weavers, and gambled everything on motorizing some of Japan’s 97 million people. Early experience with mopeds and motorbikes encouraged Suzuki to explore ways of minimizing … [Read more…]