Studebaker Avanti


The Avanti was a big deal for Studebaker and the first all-new body style since 1953. The last car design of the legendary Raymond Loewy, it rode on a shortened Lark chassis with a stock Studey 289cid V8. The Avanti’s striking simplicity of shape was just one of Loewy’s celebrated confections.

Studebaker Golden Hawk – 1956

Studebaker Golden Hawk - 1956

The Studebaker Starlight and Starliner coupes of 1953 were among America’s most beautiful cars. Low on the ground, sleek and fast, they were designed by Raymond Loewy, a hero of contemporary US auto engineering. Three years later and still guided by Loewy’s ideas, including the fabulous 1955 Studebaker President Speedster, they became the basis of … [Read more…]

Studebaker Champion – 1939

Studebaker Champion - 1939

If one car finally restored Studebaker s fortunes after the disastrous bankruptcy of 1933 it was the sensational Champion, introduced just as one decade was coming to its end and providing solid foundations for the next.

Studebaker President Eight – 1928

Studebaker President Eight - 1928

A huge swathe of American automotive history is covered by the “President” name for this (in various incarnations) was the premier model manufactured by the Studebaker Corporation of South Beach, Indiana from 1927 until 1942. It had such resonance that the name was revived in 1950’s. But the only true classics are the “Eights” produced … [Read more…]