Renault Trezor – A Native Speaker of Visual Language


Striking two-seat concept is set to shape the styling of Renault’s future production models and heralds ‘big changes’ in technology and design Renault has previewed its next-generation design language with the unveiling of a high-performance electric two-seat GT concept. The sleek coupe, called Trezor, which means ‘treasure’ in French, is the latest creation of design … [Read more…]

Renault Sport Clio RS16


Driving a purpose-built competition car on circuit is an enlightening experience. Whereas most road cars feel all at sea on track – not enough grip, far too understeery in their balance, body control much too sloppy – racing cars are altogether more capable on circuit. Of course they are. That’s what they’re built for. To … [Read more…]

Renault Scenic TCE 130

The MPV has suffered at the hands of the SUV and crossover. Where once the people-carrier seemed your best bet for transporting families and all the paraphernalia that goes with them, buyers have since been seduced by the rugged image of the faux by four. The Renault Scenic hasn’t been able to avoid this shift. … [Read more…]

Renault Mégane dCi 110


The first drive-test of the new Renault Mégane was in December, last year. But the need to prioritise left-hand-drive models for the French market meant we’ve had to wait to deliver our final verdict on UK cars. The first taste on European soil came courtesy of Renault’s flagship Mégane GT. It will top the range … [Read more…]

Renault-Alpine A110 Berlinette


The Renault-Alpine A110 may be diminutive in its proportions but it has a massive and deserved reputation, particularly in its native France. Although wearing the Renault badge, this pocket rocket is a testimony to the focused dedication of one man—Jean Redélé, a passionate motor sport enthusiast and son of a Dieppe Renault agent.

Renault Koleos – 2008

Renault Koleos - 2008

Despite the world stampeding towards SUVs from the 1990s and into the 21st century, Renault has stubbornly refused to join the many manufacturers around the globe who were equally swift in meeting demand. Indeed, despite showing a concept off-roader as early as 2000, their first entry in the four-wheel drive stakes didn’t arrive until 2008, … [Read more…]

Renault Clio Renaultsport 197 – 2006

Renault Clio Renaultsport 197 - 2006

Don’t be fooled. This car is nothing like the girly ‘Papa! — Nicole!’ Clio of advert fame. The only thing it has in common is the `Va Va Voom’. The Clio RS (Renault Sport) was first introduced in 1998 as a flagship version designed to give the Clio a more macho image. The Renault engineers … [Read more…]

Renault Alpine A610 – 1991


Alpine was a French manufacturer of sports cars and racing cars that used Renault engines. The driving force was Jean Redele, who had enjoyed postwar success tuning and racing Renault 4CVs. His outfit constructed performance specials in the 1950s and 1960s, always working closely with Renault, and in addition to producing Alpine cars for sale … [Read more…]

Renault Sport Spider – 1996


After the demise of the Alpine A610 — a sadly underrated sports coupe — Renault’s Alpine factory in Dieppe turned to building the Renault Sport Spider, a dashing open-top roadster that made its debut in 1996. The Alpine A610 had been an attempt to consolidate Renault’s reviving fortunes with a halo performance car — and … [Read more…]

Renault Megane Scenic – 1996

Renault-Megane-Scenic - 1996

Every carmaker’s dream is to think up a car that creates a lucrative new market segment. And that’s precisely what Renault achieved with the Megane Scenic, which proved there was much demand for a smaller version of the increasingly popular MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle). Following its launch in 1996, the Megane Scenic was an instant hit … [Read more…]