2017 Porsche 718 Boxster S

PORSCHE FANBOYS are a sensitive bunch, prone to fits of fluster when the brand’s sacred cows are slaughtered in the name of progress. The latest threat to their sanity is the 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster, a disruptive newcomer whose subtly tweaked bodywork cloaks an engine that subtracts two cylinders and adds a turbocharger. Purists are … [Read more…]

Porsche 718 Cayman S


It’s long been the sweet-spot in Porsche’s model line-up, but has turbocharging affected the Cayman’s appeal? The banging sound you hear is one more nail being hammered into the coffin of natural aspiration. In line with most of the rest of the automotive industry, Porsche is downsizing and turbocharging its engines, and hot on the … [Read more…]

Porsche Carrera 911 RS


An instant legend, The Carrera RS became the classic 911 and is hailed as one of the ultimate road cars of all time. With lighter body panels and stripped out interior trim, the RS is simply a featherweight racer. The classic, flat-six engine was bored out to 2.7 liters and boasted uprated fuel injection and … [Read more…]

Porsche 356B


VW Beetle designer Ferdinand Porsche may have given the world the “people’s car,” but it was his son Ferry who, with Karl Rabe, created the 356. These days a Porsche stands for precision, performance, purity, and perfection, and the 356 is the first chapter in that story. Well not quite. The 356 was so named … [Read more…]

Porsche Carrera GT


The Carrera GT is the most unusual car Porsche has ever produced, as well as the fastest and most expensive. Its debut at the Geneva Motor Show of 2003 caused a flurry of excitement. This was a supercar that looked as though it was meant for the track, not the road – and that was … [Read more…]

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S – 2006

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S - 2006

The very idea of Porsche entering the SUV market caused an uneasy stir when the Cayenne first appeared in 2002. But Porsche was keen to tap the new wealth of countries like Russia and China, where multi-millionaire oligarchs were sprouting up everywhere but crumbling road surfaces ruled out high-status sports cars.

Porsche Cayman S (987C) – 2005

Porsche Cayman S (987C) - 2005

With its satisfying guttural roar, the Cayman S is a beast of a car. Squeezed into a tiny corner of the market between the Boxster and the Carrera, it may be a rare sight on the road but it has become the benchmark for sports coupes, winning numerous plaudits in the motoring trade journals as … [Read more…]

Porsche Boxster – 1996


If looks could kill, everyone who glanced at the Porsche Boxster would be struck dead, for this is one handsome roadster. Designer Harm Lagaay was helped by the fact that he was able create a stunning soft-top from scratch as the company’s first ‘clean sheet’ design since the Porsche 928 back in the 1970s. (Previous … [Read more…]