Cayenne: The King Is Back

The Cayenne represents at its best the words Sport and Performance, regardless of the weight and ground clearance of this “maxi 911”. The third generation of Stuttgart’s SUV has just been introduced and brings with it a multitude of features that will make it the perfect choice for those who do not want to accept … [Read more…]

Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid

The lower end of the Porsche Panamera range is already a confusing place. There’s the entry-level Panamera, the Panamera 4, the 4S and the 4S Diesel down here, sub-£100k options all, powered by no fewer than three different engines between them. Into that mix enters the four-wheel-drive 4 E-Hybrid, adding V6 petrol-electric power to the … [Read more…]

The 1.000.000th Porsche 911 Was Produced!


It’s a one in a million drive as Porsche takes on Scotland in celebration of 911 production Edinburgh. My hometown. Growing up here as a kid I never truly appreciated how beautiful it is. And it is, sensationally so, though today I’m back home not to see friends, family or enjoy the sights, but to … [Read more…]

1967 Porsche 911R Vs 2017 Porsche 991R

1967 Porsche 911R-vs-2017-porsche911r

Fifty years separate these very special 911s, yet their origins could not have been more different. The 911R was an experimental lightweight that never advanced beyond the prototype stage, and for decades was almost forgotten. Then, as interest in Porsche history widened, the importance of the 911R was recognised to the point where it has … [Read more…]

2010 Porsche 997 GT2 RS


For seven years the 997 GT2 RS has reigned as the fastest and most powerful factory 911 of all time. In the wake of the 991’s big reveal, what does the original turbocharged Rennsport offer today? I t is precisely 34.5 degrees Celsius at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone. I know this because a small … [Read more…]

2018 Porsche 991 GT2 RS

Porsche 991-GT2-RS

700hp. Usually when that sort of figure is attributed to a Porsche 911, we would presume it has been the subject of a fettle by a tuning house such as Gemballa or TechArt. Not this time, however. Say hello to the new Porsche 991 GT2 RS, a rear-drive, turbocharged Rennsport boasting a monumental 700hp, making … [Read more…]