Ford Fiesta ‘Active’ Version Was Unveiled


Ford has revealed it will introduce more rugged-looking ‘Active’ versions of its cars. Joseph Bakaj, vice president for product development at Ford of Europe, confirmed the news after the unveiling of the Fiesta Active, due to arrive in 2017. The Active edition appeared as one of four ‘styles’ of the new Fiesta at the car’s … [Read more…]

Schnitzer ACS3 Sport – Who Ordered the Canard?


Weirdly, the carbonfibre aero flicks share their name with French ducks. Less weirdly, look what BM’s sainted tuner has done to the M3 This ACS3 Sport is Schnitzer’s rolling showroom, kitted out with the Aachen-based tuner’s key suspension, engine, exhaust, alloy wheels, tyres and styling packages. The simple menu structure that Schnitzer offers makes choosing … [Read more…]

Polaris Slingshot


It’s a motorbike with cupholders And now for something completely different. The Polaris Slingshot (great name, eh?) isn’t technically a car, nor is it a bike, but a trike; a sort of unidentified three-wheeled object you can legally drive on either a car or motorcycle licence, and without a helmet if you’re not particularly sentimental … [Read more…]

Harley Davidson Street XG750 Special Edition


So, you’re nearing the boiling point. Tons of work, traffic woes, financial difficulties, and domestic concerns are already causing you sleepless nights. You need a release valve to let go of the steam that is fast building up inside you before you explode. The Harley-Davidson StreetXG750 Special Edition comes to the rescue like a knight … [Read more…]

AMG Targets Conti GT And Panamera With Hot Saloon

Mercedes-Benz’s AMG performance division is planning to unveil a uniquely styled and engineered, 600bhp-plus four-door saloon as part of its extensive 50th anniversary celebrations next year. Set to make its debut as the Vision concept at one of a series of celebratory events next year, the new twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8-powered four-door is expected to carry … [Read more…]

The Next Nissan Juke Will Opt For a New Look


The next Nissan Juke will not be a straight forward update of today’s distinctive look, according to Nissan design boss Shiro Nakamura. “We don’t want the same design,” he said. “We want to go a step further. Its spirit is challenging; it needs to be like that again. Otherwise it’s not a Juke.” A concept … [Read more…]

The Recall of Prius


Toyota is to recall 4633 Prius models to rectify a parking brake fault. A total of 340,000cars are being recalled globally for the half-hour repair, which involves the fitment of parts to prevent water and debris damaging the brake cable.