A Mid-engined Porsche 911 For Racing?


The decision to shift the 4.0-litre six-cylinder motor of the new Porsche 911RSR racing car to a mid-engined configuration does not spell the beginning of the end for iconic rear-engined 911s, according to Porsche’s motorsportboss, Frank Walliser.

Future proof – NanoFlowcell Quantino


We say: the CO2-neutral saltwater-powered car is here. We’ve driven it. Now can someone sell it, please? The Quantino is a 2+2-seat city car that handles like a lower, heavier BMW i3. I’m telling you this now because this bit of the mag is called “Drives”. And it’s the mind-melting science that actually powers the … [Read more…]

Paris Motor Show: the Knowledge


Parisian information in condensed format The Wows Renault Trezor. In the spirit of all good concept cars, Renault’s new Trezor hits all the bullseyes: daft name, impossibly low-slung and slinky bodywork, embarrassing mode of ingress, next-gen drivetrain. But it’s not the flight of fancy that it might first appear. OK, we’re not likely to see red … [Read more…]

So, what else is new?


Mazda 6 2.2 SkyActiv-D What should I know? More tweaks for the Mazda6, including a new steering wheel, a quieter diesel engine and the first application of G-Vectoring Control. This last one is Mazda’s novel way of torque-vectoring to aid handling. Should I care? Yes. As D-segment cars go, the latest Mazda6 remains striking to … [Read more…]

3008 is Carbuyer Car of the Year


The Carbuyer Magazine has named Peugeot’s new 3008 as its Car of the Year 2017. The model also took top honours in the Best SUV category. Carbuyer editor Stuart Milne said: “Repositioning the 3008 as a conventional SUV was a masterstoke, meaning Peugeot has introduced a brilliant car at a time when the market is … [Read more…]