Mazda RX Vision Concept


Hallelujah the rotary is back! Well, sort of. Unveiled at the Tokyo motor show, the RX-Vision represents a future that Mazda hopes to make into reality; a front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car with Victoria Secret model proportions, and powered by the next generation SKYACTIV-R rotary engine. Did we mention rotary yet?

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider


100 Years of Italian Racing Heritage in a Dynamic, Deliriously Fun Package The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C wants to prove a point. And the more you stare at the compact, mid-engine Italian sports car, its massive side air intakes giving it a muscular stance, the more the temptation to take it up on the offer … [Read more…]

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883


It was in 2008 when Harley introduced its darker models to the bike world that the Sportster 883 Iron became a cycle celebrity, bringing along a younger breed of hipsters. Now, thanks to the recent re-launching of the Dark Custom range in Tokyo, Japan — a new generation of riders/ customizers await.

Millennial Roadster – The New Mazda MX-5


Here is the new MX-5 — or the Miata of your generation. When you drive this, logic goes out the window. It took us about six seconds to flip down the soft top of the Mazda MX-5, or the Miata as it’s more affectionately known, and it was a slow six seconds.

Power Play – Jaguar F-Type Project 7


Jaguar’s “Good to be Bad” campaign was a randy acknowledgement of something we already knewBrits make the best cinematic vilains. Now the cats from Coventry are plottng to take on rivals Audi and BMW through Special Operations, a new division charged with releasing high-performance limitededition vehicles.

American Muscle


The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro Rivalry Picks Up Heat In the annals of American rivalries, the Camaro–Mustang face-off is as significant to car buffs as the Yankees vs. Red Sox tradition is to baseball fans. For nearly five decades, the two vehicles have battled, clawed and fought for the title of best American muscle … [Read more…]

Mercedes GLE 450 Coupe


What would a T-rex make of the new GLE Coupe? After all, the 1997 blockbuster Jurassic Park introduced the ML to the dinosaur, which stalked (who can forget those heart-pounding ripples?) in the shadows before counting its prey through the panoramic roof.

Bentley Bentayga


Despite getting off to a shaky start, Bentley’s bigwigs saw beyond its early lanky and ungainly proportions, and brushed off the initial negative reviews. Five years later, and a more appreciative crowd welcomed the brand as it wheeled out a car that Bentley says will result in a sales boom, and give owners another rung … [Read more…]