Mini JCW Clubman

THE letters JCW have long been synonymous with MINI’S most extreme models – sharpening Cooper S variants with various mechanical and aesthetic upgrades. Over the past decade we’ve seen John Cooper Works versions of everything from the three-door hatch to the jacked-up Countryman. But now MINI has injected its Volkswagen Golf-rivalling Clubman with some JCW … [Read more…]

The 5th Mini Promises A Full Electric Model for 2019


The fifth and final model in Mini’s all-newline-up will be an electric version of an existing model when it launches in 2019. Mini boss Peter Schwarzenbauer has previously revealed his desire to trim the Mini range to five models, which he describes as “superheroes”. The three and five-door hatches are considered one, the Convertible, Clubman … [Read more…]

The New Countryman: Can Something Big Still Be Mini?


You’re looking at the biggest Mini production model ever. Cue groans from traditionalists and a few extra rpm on the Issigonis headstone tacho: the new, second-gen Countryman is a full 20cm longer than its predecessor, as it graduates to full SUV status. That means more interior space (you’d hope so), and a much bigger 450-litre … [Read more…]

New Countryman Will Have a Hybrid Personality


Mini has confirmed that its second-generation Countryman will be offered in hybrid form alongside three and four-cylinder petrolsa nd diesels when it arrives next year. The petrol-electric SUV will be Mini’s first hybrid car ahead of other alternatively powered models, including a fully electric version of the Cooper hatchback due in 2019. The Countryman hybrid … [Read more…]

Mini E


California’s battle with pollution-induced smog and increasing paranoia about the destructive consequences of global warming have made the West Coast state a hotbed of alternative automotive technology, with Hollywood stars (well able to afford a public conscience) invariably seen parading along the Strip aboard the latest eco-wheels.

Mini Cooper – 1959

Mini Cooper - 1959

In 1959 the Austin/Morris Mini changed the face of motoring. Just 3 m (10 ft) long, it was the most efficient and effective use of road space ever seen. The apparent miracle of Sir Alec Issigonis’s design was to create a front-wheel drive, two-door, four-seat economy saloon that sacrificed nothing to exact steering, superb handling, … [Read more…]