Mercedes-AMG C43 4Matic Cabriolet


Living in inner city Sydney I’ve become somewhat of a sad expert on exhaust notes. AMG C63s and A45s, BMW M3s and M4s, V8 and VI2 Ferraris and naturally aspirated Maserati, (the latter of which are always making more noise than the combined sum of all previously mentioned). I can pick them without even looking … [Read more…]

5.7-Metre Full of Luxury – Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6


Daimler has unveiled Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 – a 5.7-metre, electric- powered behemoth it says represents the ultimate in luxury. With nods to both the future and past, the latest Maybach concept has been designed to combine classic proportions with the latest technology in the form of ‘hot’ emotional design and ‘cool’ intelligent details. The former … [Read more…]

Mercedes-Benz E220D Estate

There’s something reassuringly constant about the E-Class. This is Mercedes’ heartland model, a car that you know will always be there and always offer the same considered blend of conservatism, advanced technology, good taste and fine manners. The E-Class and its predecessors have always come as a saloon, quite often as a coupe and, since … [Read more…]

Mercedes-AMG C43 4Matic Coupe


The C43 badge is back, but rather than being attached to a brawny rear- driver with V8 power – how we’ve come to expect our AMG C-classes to be – this new version has a V6 engine and four-wheel drive. Don’t panic, though. This isn’t a downsized replacement for the full-fat, 469bhp twin-turbo V8 C63, … [Read more…]

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Brabus


Think at your favorite dessert. The one that except for your mother, no one is able to do that way. Well, that kind of sinful dish is represented in the cars world by the AMG GT S, one of the most sensational sports cars that have ever left tire ruts with parallel autographs on the … [Read more…]

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6


Imposing as a mythological creature and luxurious like a cathedral, the Vision Maybach-Mercedes 6 will remain a concept car, but could herald a future production model for Maybach, maybe able to collect the legacy interrupted after the beautiful Xenatec. Over 5 meters and a half long and with a look that seems to come from … [Read more…]

Emperor I Maybach S600


Extreme, exaggerated, tacky, ridiculous and kissing the limit of the catalogue we know for being considered a car. This preamble should prepare you, but we are sure that it is not enough to warn how the so-called Emperor I, the first creation of the Canadian tuner Scaldarsi Motors based on a Mercedes-Maybach S600, represents. The … [Read more…]