Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain 2017


Until now, the premium off-road estate market has been largely dominated by Audi and Volvo. But now Mercedes has weighed in with yet another version of its E-Class. The new E-Class All-Terrain benefits from some adventure clothing in the form of the usual black plastic wheelarch protectors and bumper inserts, pseudo skid plates on the … [Read more…]

Deep space – Mercedes-Benz E220d Estate


We say: smooth diesel and huge boot make for a real contender The old Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate’s bigness was almost unrivalled, which is sort of the point of these kind of cars. Capacity was 1,855 litres with the rear seats folded flat, which put it squarely in commercial vehicle territory. The new one loses 35 … [Read more…]

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe – Technically Not a Gap


But Mercedes fills it anyway, just in case there’s someone out there wanting a sleeker GLC Mercedes’ New GLC Coupe is proof that cohesively-styled models can exist in the fledgling Sport Coupility Vehicle segment, although that coupe moniker remains a misnomer – think of this GLC as a slinkier, but still high-rise, fastback iteration of … [Read more…]

Mercedes-AMG C43 Estate


We’re not along for the ride …. Because the ride is awful. Shame, as everything else is ace Let’s do the maths on this. A C43 sounds like, ooh, about two-thirds of a C63. And on paper, that sums up perfectly the positioning of the latest AMG. With 362bhp and 384lb ft from its bi-turbocharged … [Read more…]

Merc C-Class Cabriolet

To celebrate the winter 2016, Merc has launched two new cars. Both are convertibles with a fabric roof and both look hot. While the S Cabriolet costs a whopping 2.25 crore, there’s this, the C Gab, that’s far more affordable and offers every bit of the convertible experience. Is it any good? To begin with, … [Read more…]

Mercedes SLC 250d


The wind in your hair, the sun beating down, your favourite stretch of road and the sound of a tuneful petrol engine to accompany you – that’s the romantic ideal most people will picture when in the market for a roadster. But the practicalities and costs of modern life often get in the way, which … [Read more…]

Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4Matic


Mercedes’ mid-sized SUV gets the go-faster treatment with twin-turbo V6 power AMG’s new ‘43’ performance series has, thus far, been something of a disappointment. The SLC43 offered plenty of punch but lacked the raucous AMG magic of old, and the C43 4Matic Estate – a semi-skimmed alternative to the full-fat C63 – was denounced for … [Read more…]

E-Class Coupe Ushers In New Look

The new E-Class Coupe will be the first Mercedes-Benz model to reflect a more conservative design style when it arrives next year. The new two-door is due to make its debut at the Detroit motor show in January and reach the UK in April. The more restrained styling approach is being introduced under the watch … [Read more…]