1950s: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

The Mercedes-Benz 300SL was launched in 1954. A roadgoing version of the carmaker’s W194 racecar, the Gullwing, as it’s more popularly known, was ahead of its time. Beneath its bonnet lurked a direct-injection three-litre inline-six engine lifted almost wholesale from the W194.

Mercedes-Benz E400 4Matic Coupe At Its Best

LOOKS GOOD, DOESN’T IT? Mercedes went to great lengths trying to explain why its latest E-class is particularly easy on the eye (in brief: soft shoulder-lines, good proportions, a pillarless greenhouse) but, as with any art form, car design either works or it doesn’t. The E-class Coupe just might have the most attractive combination of … [Read more…]

Revised S-Class Will Include Self-Driving Functions Too

The updated S-Class will spearhead Mercedes-Benz’s use of next-level autonomous technology by offering an extended range of driver assistance systems that will eventually feature on all of the company’s models. The new features include Active Distance, which can provide fully autonomous acceleration and braking within legal speed limits on a route programmed into the car’s … [Read more…]

Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe

IN MORE THAN 20 YEARS in this job I’ve never run a Mercedes long-termer. This could account for why I’ve never considered myself a ‘Merc Man’. That said, the arrival of this AMG C63 S Coupe might force me to reappraise that opinion, for on the evidence of our first few weeks together I feel … [Read more…]



The automotive industry’s widespread shift to turbocharging should be very good news indeed for engine tuners. With nothing more than an ECU remap the likes of DMS can achieve massive power and torque gains, but they’re locked in a tug-of-war with manufacturers who are trying to protect their carefully aligned model hierarchies.

2017 Mercedes-AMG SL63


Like the 911 is to Porsche and the M3 is to BMW, the SL is a pillar of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Only recently, various members of Daimlers senior management reiterated that while ever there is Mercedes-Benz, there will be an SL.