McLaren P1 GTR


There’s nothing more exciting than an invitation to drive something ludicrously fast, sophisticated and far beyond the realms of even a normal supercar. Something that gives you a glimpse at the outer edges of what’s possible shy of a big-budget single-seater racer.

McLaren 675 LT vs McLaren P1


We’re in Scotland, so far north that it feels lawless. Any farther north and it becomes godless. We’ve been blessed with bright sunshine for three days straight, but fog is hiding the scenery this morning and photography is off the agenda. Thankfully visibility is good at road level, which means we can at least drive.

Mclaren 570S vs Mclaren 570 GT


They share many a component, but the difference between the 570S and GT is all in the detail Despite this being the first time I’ve driven a 570GT, I’ve got an uncanny sense of deja-vu. Ever since I first sat in a car, I have like most people assimilated through hands, feet, backside, nose and … [Read more…]

McLaren 12 C v McLaren 540 C

Just like the P1 and the mighty F1 long before it, the 540C breaks new ground for McLaren. Far from being the fastest or most expensive car to come from Woking, though, the 540C is actually the slowest. And the cheapest. It’s also the least powerful, and the first to have a sub-200mph (322km/h) top … [Read more…]

New Twin-Turbo V8 Operation, Codename: P14


The McLaren 650S replacement, to be revealed at the Geneva motor show in March 2017, will use a new 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8. The model, codenamed P14, will achieve 0-124mph in 7.8sec and a standing quarter mile in 10.3sec, according to the Woking-based firm.

McLaren 540C


Is McLaren’s most affordable car ever a cat amongst the usual sports car pigeons? For people who really care about the finer points of driving, the Mk5 Volkswagen Golf GTI was always a more appealing car than the faster, all-wheel-drive R32 model. Similarly, in Porsche circles the base-level 911 Carrera has often been considered the … [Read more…]

As Good as it Looks – McLaren 570GT


Getting here entailed six months of planning, days of driving and mild heatstroke. It was worth it… There is no such thing as a “practical supercar”. It’s a contradiction in terms on the same intellectual level as “moderate terrorist” or “diet cake”. The point of a supercar is to be impractical. Whimsical, even. Fantastical to … [Read more…]