1990s – McLaren F1

The McLaren F1 is still the world’s fastest naturally aspirated production car, capable of a 390.7km/hr top speed, powered by a 627bhp 6.1-litre V12 sourced from BMW. The first production car (for a given value of “production”, since only 64 roadgoing models were made) to have a carbon fibre monocoque and employing the sort of … [Read more…]

McLaren 570S Spider: Perfection At Its Best

When it comes to McLaren, there’s only one word to describe it: excellence. Excellence in all of its form, from a design point of view, with an increase of only 46kg, despite the retractable roof consisting of two parts and borrowed from its 650S and 675LT cousins, both in terms of performance, thanks for the … [Read more…]

McLaren 720S: Will Be Down To Your Personal Taste

Series is the core of McLaren’s DNA. It’s where the company started with the clumsily named MP4-12C and quickly learned that building supercars isn’t without its pitfalls – and that buyers in this sector, and the media, are a tough bunch to please. Claiming you’ve built a Ferrari rival is one thing. Proving you have … [Read more…]

 How Important Is MSO For The McLaren Customers?

MCLAREN SPECIAL Operations (MSO) is of growing significance within the company’s business activities as it seeks to increase the volume of personalisation and bespoke service it offers its customers. Ansar Ali, who joined McLaren Automotive last year, initially as motorsport director, heads the division. He’s a veteran of British sports car firms. Ali speaks of … [Read more…]

Brand New McLaren F1 Offers Impressive Tech

McLaren has previewed the styling of its three-seat homage to the F1 road car for the first time. The new model will eclipse the PI as the most powerful road-legal McLaren yet when it arrives in 2019. The new model, codenamed BP23, will slot into McLaren’s Ultimate Series – the range-topping tier for its most … [Read more…]

McLaren BP23 Preview


What it is: Possible confirmation of the availability of high strength psychotropic drugs in the Woking area of England. The BP23 is a three-seat model inspired by the legendary McLaren F1, sharing that car’s central driving position and continent-crossing Grand Tourer brief. It’s the work of McLaren’s Special Operations (MSO) division, and all 106 have … [Read more…]

McLaren P1 GTR


There’s nothing more exciting than an invitation to drive something ludicrously fast, sophisticated and far beyond the realms of even a normal supercar. Something that gives you a glimpse at the outer edges of what’s possible shy of a big-budget single-seater racer.

McLaren 675 LT vs McLaren P1


We’re in Scotland, so far north that it feels lawless. Any farther north and it becomes godless. We’ve been blessed with bright sunshine for three days straight, but fog is hiding the scenery this morning and photography is off the agenda. Thankfully visibility is good at road level, which means we can at least drive.

Mclaren 570S vs Mclaren 570 GT


They share many a component, but the difference between the 570S and GT is all in the detail Despite this being the first time I’ve driven a 570GT, I’ve got an uncanny sense of deja-vu. Ever since I first sat in a car, I have like most people assimilated through hands, feet, backside, nose and … [Read more…]

McLaren 12 C v McLaren 540 C

Just like the P1 and the mighty F1 long before it, the 540C breaks new ground for McLaren. Far from being the fastest or most expensive car to come from Woking, though, the 540C is actually the slowest. And the cheapest. It’s also the least powerful, and the first to have a sub-200mph (322km/h) top … [Read more…]