Maserati Kyalami


The 1970s produced some true automotive lemons. It was a decade when barefaced badge engineering and gluttonous V8 engines were all the rage, and nobody cared that these big bruisers cost three arms and a leg to run. The Kyalami is one such monument to excess, a copy of the De Tomaso Longchamp with Maserati’s … [Read more…]

Maserati Ghibli


Many believe the Ghibli is the greatest of all road-going Maseratis. It was the sensation of the 1966 Turin Show, and over 30 years later is widely regarded as Maserati’s ultimate front-engined road car a supercar blend of luxury, performance, and stunning good looks that never again quite came together so sublimely on anything with … [Read more…]

Maserati Gran Turismo


This 2+2 fixed-head coupe launched in 2007 shows Pininfarina’s design expertise at its most refined and elegant. The masterful Maserati Gran Turismo has a prominent front grille above a downforce spoiler that hints at the car’s outstanding performance, combined with classical flowing lines that are both aerodynamically efficient and a delight to those discriminating eyes … [Read more…]

Maserati Biturbo Spyder – 1984


The decision was bold, brave and as it turned out, almost catastrophic. After 50 years of success in building fast and fancy GT and race cars, in the 1980s Maserati risked its reputation by attempting to straddle the line between mass production and hand-crafted luxury. The Maserati Biturbo sought to blend Ferrari-standard technology and style … [Read more…]

Maserati Khamsin – 1974


At last, even if not by intention, a woman’s supercar — a high-powered car that didn’t need the strength of Hercules to handle it. It can take real brawn to operate the hefty clutch in a high-performance car because the pressure needed increases directly in relation to torque; but, thanks to Citroen hydraulics, the Khamsin’s … [Read more…]

Maserati Bora (Tipo 117) – 1971

Maserati Bora-(Tipo 117)-1971

After the runaway success of the Ghibli, in order to stay ahead in the game, Maserati set its sights on the production of a mid-engined sports car. Chief engineer Giulio Alfieri was over the moon — he had long dreamed of building an RMR-layout road car and here was his chance. Giugiaro, designer of the … [Read more…]

Maserati Ghibli – 1966

Maserati Ghibli - 1966

Maserati quit racing in the 1950s to concentrate on producing road cars, but failed to come up with a real winner until the mid-1960s. But the debut of the fabulous Ghibli coupe at the Turin Motor Show in 1966 changed all that.

Maserati A6 – 1947

Maserati A6 - 1947

After the Maserati family sold out to Adolfo Orsi and the factory moved from Bologna to Modena, World War ll intervened and car production was suspended. But Maserati returned vigorously to the postwar fray with exclusive cars that were built around the company’s powerful straight six engines. The A6 Sport (also known rather more laboriously … [Read more…]