Toyota Versus Mazda: The Ultimate Speed Show-Off

REFRESHMENT COMES IN MANY forms. Last night’s cold pint in the Y Pengwern guest house certainly met the criteria. The gale-force weather in north Wales this morning is refreshing, too, albeit less welcome as it tries to strip the hat from my head and turns evo photographer Aston Parrott’s tripod into something from an HG … [Read more…]

Car Facts Of The Week That You Should Know

  SATURDAY: Fascinating day: on our way to the Goodwood Members’ Meeting (MM), the Steering Committee and I dropped into Gordon Murray’s HQ near Guildford to witness the first of TVR’s secret customer briefings. This 90-minute experience emphasised what good sense it makes to hold special events for the faithful.

Spyker Is Working On An Updated Hybrid SUV

Spyker Automotive is planning as many as four new cars over the next decade, including a petrol-electric super SUV and a cheaper six-cylinder sports car, as well as increasing production to 500 cars a year. The company, which recently revealed the Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder at the Geneva motor show, is now on a stable … [Read more…]