Jaguar Fights Back With The M4 GTS Rival

TWO-HUNDRED miles per hour, over 400kW and aerodynamics at the forefront of the design. Built in a limited production run and conceived by a skunkworks team. To this day Jaguar’s XJ220 remains an enigma, a topic of conversation that fires the imagination and a car many regret not buying when values dropped below the price … [Read more…]

Bugatti Chiron Now Gets Ready To Go Hybrid

The next-generation Bugatti Chiron-still at least seven years from production – will have to be electrified to enhance its performance beyond the current car’s record-breaking capabilities, CEO Wolfgang Durheimer said. The Chiron can reach 62mph in less than 2.5sec, despite weighing 1995kg, and has a top speed of 261mph. At its heart is a quad-turbocharged … [Read more…]

Gurkha: High Performance Regardless Of The Surface

THE INDIAN MARKET has had a dearth of ‘proper SUVs’ under the sub-10 lakh mark. With the Thar, Mahindra managed to capture the imagination of the buyer who needs a second car for the weekends to go adventure hunting Force Motors is following the same route. The Pune-based manufacturer have put their Rain Forest Challenge … [Read more…]

2000s: Pagani Zonda

If there was a word that would best sum up the Pagani Zonda and numerous insane variants it spawned over its lifespan from 1999 to 2011, it would be ‘pornographic’. Even in its original form, dubbed the C12, with a paltry 450bhp from its six-litre Mercedes-sourced V12, Zonda changed the supercar game in the 2000s. … [Read more…]

Ravi Puvvala’s Outstanding Plans For Savari

Our company s position is you can’t build a truly autonomous car without vehicle-to-X technology,” declares Ravi Puvvala, CEO of Savari. But just what is Savari and who is Ravi Puvvala? Savari builds vehicle-to-X solutions, the technology that allows vehicles and transport infrastructure (for example, traffic lights) to talk to each other. Or to put … [Read more…]

London Taxi Has A Surprising New Look

A new, electrified London taxi has been revealed – with its designers accepting that reinterpreting such an iconic design “is bound to prompt arguments”. Called the LEVCTX, it has been built and developed by the London Taxi Company, which has been renamed the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) and is owned by Volvo’s Chinese parent, … [Read more…]