Elise & Golf R: Too Good To Be True

Removing weight from something as ethereal as the Elise can’t be an easy task, but the engineers at Potash Lane have managed it with the new Lotus Elise Sprint, trimming an already insubstantial car down to a 798kg dry weight. It’s the first time the Elise has dipped into the ‘sevens’ since the flyweight first-generation … [Read more…]

Jaguar Fights Back With The M4 GTS Rival

TWO-HUNDRED miles per hour, over 400kW and aerodynamics at the forefront of the design. Built in a limited production run and conceived by a skunkworks team. To this day Jaguar’s XJ220 remains an enigma, a topic of conversation that fires the imagination and a car many regret not buying when values dropped below the price … [Read more…]

Bugatti Chiron Now Gets Ready To Go Hybrid

The next-generation Bugatti Chiron-still at least seven years from production – will have to be electrified to enhance its performance beyond the current car’s record-breaking capabilities, CEO Wolfgang Durheimer said. The Chiron can reach 62mph in less than 2.5sec, despite weighing 1995kg, and has a top speed of 261mph. At its heart is a quad-turbocharged … [Read more…]