Jensen Interceptor


The Jensen Interceptor was one of those great cars that comes along every decade or so. Built in a small Birmingham, England, factory, a triumph of tenacity over resources, the Interceptor’s lantern-jawed looks and tire-smoking power made the tiny Jensen company a household name. A glamorous cocktail of an Italian-styled body, American V8 engine, and … [Read more…]

Jaguar C-Type


The C-Type is the car that launched the Jaguar racing legend and began a Le Mans love affair for the men from Coventry. In the 1950s, Jaguar boss Bill Lyons was intent on winning Le Mans laurels for Britain, just as Bentley had done a quarter of a century before. After testing mildly modified XK120s … [Read more…]

Black Swan Superyacht


When you close your eyes and envision the type of life you would like to lead, what immediately comes to mind? To be clear, we’re not referring to that cool 20 megapixel sharp shooter you’ve had your eye on, or that devilishly debonair designer tote bag that would be fun to jet set around with. … [Read more…]