From Naturally Aspired to Turbocharged Engines: BMW, Honda and Porsche Show Off Their Muscles


BMW, Honda, and Porsche have built some of the finest naturally aspired engines in the world. In the last two years, they have all turned their backs on tradition in favor of turbocharged engines for their most iconic models. So what have the M3, Civic Type R and 911 gained? And perhaps more important, what … [Read more…]

Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3


Ohio State University’s land speed record-holding EV streamliner is the ultimate student project. We will find out why 341 mph could be just the tip of the iceberg for the Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3 Formula Student racing cars (also known Formula SAE) have become a hugely popular way for students to hone their automotive engineering … [Read more…]

British Firm Pioneers New Rotary Engine Tech

A ROTARY ENGINE that is said to be more efficient and reliable than existing versions has been created by British firm Advanced Innovative Engineering (AIE). The Lichfield-based company demonstrated its 120bhp engine in a custom-built sports car at the recent Low Carbon Vehicle event at Millbrook proving ground. While only a couple of laps of … [Read more…]

MG Ends Car Assembly In UK

MG has ended UK production of its cars at its Longbridge plant, near Birmingham, five years after resuming car assembly there. The brand’s UK-based design and development operations will continue, but the final assembly of cars will now take place in China and elsewhere in the world. MG’s head of sales and marketing, Matthew Cheyne, … [Read more…]

Insignia VXR Taps Focus RS Tech

VAUXHALL’S NEXT INSIGNIA VXR will feature the same agility-improving torque vectoring technology as the Ford Focus RS when it arrives late next year. The technical specifications of the 2017 sports saloon won’t be revealed for several more months, but GKN, the company that made the Focus RS’s all-wheel drive system, has been developing a current-generation … [Read more…]

GKN To Speed Up Electric Cars

Advanced drivetrain technology is being developed by automotive engineering firm GKN to enable future electric cars to mix extreme performance with agility and excellent traction. The British company, which has contributed to the drive systems of models such as the BMW i8. Porsche 918 Spyder and Ford Focus RS, expects its future technology to include … [Read more…]

BMW Guns For Bentley With 600bhp-plus M8

A rapid 600bhp-plus M8 performance flagship is set to crown a resurrected BMW 8 Series model line-up by the end of the decade. The upmarket coup# is tentatively scheduled to make its world debut during the second half of 2019 and will rival the Aston Martin Rapide. Bentley Continental GT and Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe in … [Read more…]