Lotus Exige Sport 380


 £67.900 Another harder, better, faster Lotus? Based on last yeas revised Exige Sport 350, the Exige 380 has another 30bhp, race-spec aero and, somehow, a weight saving. That’s like making a superleggero F1 car. Or diet celery.

Comic Stripped – Lotus Evora Sport 410


We say: Evora gets to join the Lotus lightweight greats – so long as you’re hard enough I’m sure my English teacher once told me it’s poor form to bosh out a list early on in a piece of written work, but hopefully Mr Lennie will allow me this one. The Evora’s had some mega … [Read more…]

Lotus Evora Sport 410 2016


When Lotus transformed the fun-but-flawed Evora into the altogether more rounded (albeit more expensive) Evora 400 last year, no stone was left unturned. As many as two thirds of its components were redesigned, or binned entirely, as excess weight was ruthlessly sought and destroyed. Turns out there was yet more potential lurking under the Hethel … [Read more…]

Lotus Evora Sport 410


Hethel sharpens the Evora’s focus with a bit more power and a lot less weight The Evora Sport 410 can be considered Lotus’s equivalent of a Ferrari Speciale model or a Porsche 911 GT3; indeed, that’s not our summation but that of Hethel, keen to assert just how focused this new Evora is. To that … [Read more…]

Lotus Elise GT1


The story is always the same. To respond at the requests for approval dictated by the FIA and so taking part in the GT championship, Lotus has produced a handful of much more extreme Elise than those we know today, it all happened between 1996 and 1997. The Lotus Elise GT1, partly unknown to most … [Read more…]

Lotus Elan Sprint


The Lotus Elan ranks as one of the best handling cars of its era. But not only was it among the most poised cars money could buy, it was also a thing of beauty. Conceived by engineering genius Colin Chapman to replace the race-bred Lotus 7, the Elan sat on a steel backbone chassis, clothed … [Read more…]

Lotus Elite


If ever a car was a brand landmark, this is it. The Elite was the first Lotus designed for road use rather than outright racing, paving the way for a string of stunning sports and GT cars that, at the least, were always innovative. But the first Elite was much more than that. Its all-fiberglass … [Read more…]