Lincoln Continental (1964)


There’s an unsettling irony in the fact that John F. Kennedy was shot in a ’61 Lincoln Continental. Like him, the revamped ’61 Continental had a new integrity. Substantial and innovative, it was bristling with new ideas and survived for nine years without major change. The car fit for presidents was elegant, restrained, and classically … [Read more…]

Linсоln Соntinеntаl – 1940

Linсоln Соntinеntаl - 1940

Itѕ nісе to own a major car company, and Henry Ford’s son Edsel was happy to take advantage. Не commissioned a custom-built car for his 1939 spring vacation, turning to Lincoln (Ford’s up-market brand since 1922). Chief designer Eugene ‘Bob’ Gregorie obliged, working from the Lincoln Zephyr to create a stylish convertible (the boss was … [Read more…]

Lincoln K-series – 1931


Henry Ford relished his acquisition of the bankrupt Lincoln Motor Company in 1922, for he had been forced out of his own Henry’ Ford Company in 1902 by Henry M Leland – the now-ruined boss of Lincoln.