Range Rover


Describing the Range Rover as the best car in the world is no exaggeration. The sheer breadth of the capabilities of the third-generation Rangie (as it is affectionately known) was truly awesome. Developed by BMW in the late ’90s, it set new SUV standards with air suspension, voice-activated satellite navigation, the heave of a hot … [Read more…]

Range Rover Classic – 1970


If ever there was an accidental success story it’s that of the Range Rover Classic. It was introduced in 1970 for the English county set, in the belief that a robust four-wheel drive vehicle that was more comfortable than the utilitarian Land Rover would go down well with those who rode horses, shot birds, hunted, … [Read more…]

Land Rover Series 1 – 1948

Land Over Series 1 - 1948

From sturdy acorns mighty oaks may grow – and that’s certainly what happened in the case of Land Rover. For the inspired Series 1 was the forerunner of a vehicle type that would reach its zenith half a century later when the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) became the transport of choice for millions.