Lancia Stratos


The Lancia Stratos was built as a rally winner first and a road car second. Fiat-owned Lancia took the bold step of designing an all-new car solely to win the World Rally Championship, and with a V6 Ferrari Dino engine on board, the Stratos had success in 1974, ’75, and ’76. Rallying rules demanded that at least 500 cars be built, but Lancia needed only 40 for its rally program; the rest lay unsold in showrooms across Europe for years and were even given away as prizes to high-selling Lancia dealers.

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Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider


Beauty is more than just skin deep on this lovely little Lancia, for underneath those lean Pininfarina loins the Aurelia’s innards bristle with innovative engineering. For a start there is the compact alloy V6. Designed under Vittorio Jano, the man responsible for the great racing Alfas of the Twenties and Thirties, this free-revving, torquey little lump was the first mass-produced V6.

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Lancia Stratos HF – 1972


The Lancia Stratos HF (HF = High Fidelity) was developed for the purpose of rallying, and very successful this extraordinary machine proved to be. Lancia had enjoyed great success on the rally circuit during the 1960s, but the Fulvia coupe was starting to struggle and a new contender was required. Happily, the recent takeover of Lancia by Fiat (who also bought a half share in Ferrari) provided the ideal opportunity to create something special. Continue reading “Lancia Stratos HF – 1972”