Lamborghini Silhouette – 1976


Rare as hen’s teeth? Sure is! If you find one of these in a Palladian shed at the bottom of someone’s country estate, it will increase the number of Lamborghini Silhouettes known to exist from 31 to 32 (out of an original production run of just 54 cars). These two-door, two-seater coupes had a removable … [Read more…]

Lamborghini Espada S1 – 1968

Lamborghini Espada S1 - 1968

Long, wide and low are three words that spring to mind when describing the Lambo Espada S1 sports coupe that lit up the latter part of the 1960s, before the S2 and S3 versions carried the Espada through most of the 1970s. This typically Latin Grand Tourer was based on Lamborghini’s Marzal concept car, designed … [Read more…]

Lamborghini Miura – 1966

Lamborghini Miura - 1966

If Ferrari hadn’t already received a wakeup call, the arrival of Lamborghini Miura must have rattled Maranello’s rafters. When it first appeared in 1965 at the Turin Motor Show the Miura was just a bare chassis — but that didn’t stop wealthy aficionados putting down deposits without knowing precisely (or even vaguely) what form their … [Read more…]

Lamborghini 350 GT – 1964

Lamborghini 350 GT - 1964

Could it be true? Rumour has it that self-made Italian industrialist Ferruccio Lamborghini had trouble with his Ferrari, complained to old Enzo personally and was brusquely rebuffed by Il Commendatore. Suitably insulted, he decided to try and geld the Prancing Horse by creating a sharp new breed of performance cars.