Kaiser Henry J. Corsairs

In the early 1950s, the major car manufacturers reckoned that small cars meant small profits, so low priced transportation was left to independent companies like Nash, Willys, and Kaiser-Frazer. In 1951, a streamlined, Frazer-less Kaiser launched “America’s Most Important New Car,” the Henry J. An 80 bhp six-cylinder “Supersonic” engine gave the Corsair frugal fuel … [Read more…]

Kaiser Darrin


“The sports car the world has been awaiting” was a monster flop. Designed by Howard “Dutch” Darrin, Kaiser’s odd hybrid came about in 1953 as an accident. Henry J. Kaiser, the ill-mannered chairman of the Kaiser Corporation, had so riled Darrin that he disappeared into his California studio, spent his own money, and created a … [Read more…]