Jeep TJ Wrangler


The modern successor of that famous Willys wartime Jeep swaggered onto the scene in the form of the first generation YJ Wrangler, a robust off-roader introduced by Chrysler with a Jeep badge in 1987. Wranglers were initially built in Canada where —ironically — the Wrangler name couldn’t be used because Chevrolet had already bagged it … [Read more…]

Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon – 2007

Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon - 2007

If you’ve got a good ‘un, make the most of it. That’s certainly been Chrysler’s philosophy when it comes to the super-successful Jeep Wrangler, which first appeared in 1987 and had been delighting supporters of serious SUVs ever since. Their interest in off-roading was duly reflected in the 2003 launch of the TJ Wrangler Rubicon, … [Read more…]

Jeep Cherokee XJ – 1984

Jeep Cherokee XJ - 1984

Though its name suggests membership of a venerable lineage of existing off-road vehicles, the Jeep Cherokee XJ was completely new. It was a compact, and the first unibody sports utility vehicle; and it set the standard for all the SUVs that followed.