Jaguar XK60 – 2008

Jaguar XK60 - 2008

The first XK Jaguar — the 120 — was born in 1948 and its 60th birthday naturally couldn’t be allowed to pass without a serious celebration — after all, how many other pensioners are capable of going from 0 to 60 in seven seconds? Jaguar’s idea of a suitable tribute to the iconic XK-engined convertible … [Read more…]

Jaguar XJ220 – 1992


In the late 1980s supercar fever was reaching is height, with established classics appreciating rapidly as speculators drove up prices and various manufacturers scrambled to take advantage by custom building awesome performance cars that were billed as the classics of the future (with a price tag to match the hype).

Jaguar XK8/XKR – 1996


Despite having the best-selling sports car of all time in the stable, Jaguar decided to replace the XJ-S and unveiled a worthy successor at the 1996 Geneva Motor Show. The handsome XK8 bore Jaguar’s classic styling signature, with the streamlined shape evoking past greats like the XK120, XK150, C-, D- and E-Types… even the XJ220 … [Read more…]

Jaguar XJ-S Mk I – 1975


Replacing a 20th-century icon when the E-Type was finally discontinued was always going to be a thankless task — and so it proved. Jaguar’s replacement for its phenomenal sports car was a very different animal — the XJ-S Mk I. This 2+2 coupe was based on the XJ Saloon and was more of a luxurious … [Read more…]

Jaguar XJ Mk 1 Series 1 – 1968


Jaguar’s strenuous efforts to make the grade as an upmarket volume purveyor of quality saloon cars took a step forward in 1968 with the introduction of the all-new XJ Series 1. The launch of the XJ (from Xperimental Jaguar) Series consolidated the company’s saloon car offering into a single range.

Jaguar Mk X – 1961

Jaguar Mk X - 1961

This top-of-the-range luxury car was completely different from its Mk IX predecessor and a bit of a monster by European standards – fully six feet (two metres) wide. That was because it was principally designed for the United States market where big was beautiful and petrol consumption immaterial.

Jaguar E-Type – 1961

Jaguar E-Type - 1961

The golden era of Jaguar Cars got off to a great start with the XK120 and XK150, but the company really hit the jackpot with the E-Type (XK-E in America). This is regarded as the finest-looking sports car of all time (The most beautiful car ever made’ was Enzo Ferrari’s verdict) and also the most … [Read more…]

Jaguar Mark II – 1959

Jaguar Mark II - 1959

Jaguar hit the jackpot in 1959 when it redesigned the company’s fast, monocoque (body and chassis as single unit) four-door saloon. The Mark IIs bigger windows created an impression of airy brightness, and minor changes to the trim, instrument panel and external styling all added up to a handsome car that drivers felt to be … [Read more…]

Jaguar XK150 – 1957

Jaguar XK150 - 1957

Though Jaguar is now a subsidiary of Ford, the marque is still esteemed for its pre- and post-World War II reputation for luxury saloons and competitive sports cars. In 1948, Jaguar had thrilled the motoring world with its XK 120, still sought after and enjoyed for its mean, lean, sporting lines. Nine years and the … [Read more…]

Jaguar XK 120 – 1948

Jaguar XK 120 - 1948

Having wowed sporting drivers before World War II with the SS Jaguar 100, the company (now officially named Jaguar) impressed them even more in 1948 when it introduced the fabulous XK 120. For it was positive public reaction to the sensational concept car shown at the Earls Court Motor Show that year which persuaded Jaguar … [Read more…]