Jaguar And Its Luxury Sports Car Revolution

DESPITE the best efforts of ultra-disruptor and leading Silicon Valley iconoclast Elon Musk, the fully electric vehicle has always suffered from two major problems. The first, and worst, was “range anxiety”. Even the Tesla Model S that once borrowed – and loved, by the way despite a lifelong addiction to internal combustion -left me crawling … [Read more…]

Fast Review For Jaguar F-Type SVR Convertible


Usually, the enthusiast should buy the hard-top version of a sports car. Better handling, bit cooler, usually cheaper. But the F-Type SVR Convertible bucks that trend. Because when an exhaust emits the same sound as the Corvettes at Le Mans, you want as much of that to reach your lugs as possible. Even if you … [Read more…]

I-Pace Opens The Doors of Electricity For Jaguar


Half of all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will be offered with hybrid or electric powertrains within five years, company chief Ralf Speth has pledged. In the wake of the launch of the Jaguar I-Pace battery electric vehicle, which has been described by Jaguar design boss Ian Callum as being as significant as the E-Type, the … [Read more…]

Jaguar XE R-Sport 2.0 AWD

If ever there was a Jaguar to banish the old-fashioned view of the brand, the XE is it. Remove all thoughts of the X-Type from your mind, as this time around, the Midlands-based firm has hit a bullseye. Launched last year to wide acclaim, the aluminium bodied XE is now available with all-wheel-drive, paired to … [Read more…]

Pacemaker – Jaguar I-Pace

Thought the F-Pace was Jaguar being brave? You ain’t seen nothing yet … For anyone who still perceives Jaguar as an oldie brand – all lacquered wood trim, fat cigars and Classic FM – put this in your pipe and smoke it: Jaguar is going Tesla-hunting. And we’re not talking about maybe in five or … [Read more…]

Jaguar F-Type SVR Convertible 2017


Outside of limited-run madness like Project 7 the F-type SVR Roadster is the most expensive production Jaguar currently on sale, and from a single glance you can tell the kitchen sink has been thrown in its direction. As with the coupe the SVR treatment nets you a host of upgrades, including a lightweight titanium exhaust, … [Read more…]

F-Type SVR: Mission 200


An F-Type SVR, Jag’s first car since the XJ220 with a 220mph top speed, needs delivering to the Red Bull Ring via Germany. This is it then: Mission 200. I can feel it coming, a faint tickle in the sinuses, but I can’t stop now. The battered Audi A3 I’ve been following at a steady … [Read more…]

All About Jaguar i-Pace Announced For 2018


A Jaguar without the roar? It’s here. As fast as an F-type, as spacious as a 7-series and as clean as a Zoe, the all-electric i-Pace is nothing more or less than ‘the modern car’ according to Jaguar. And it’ll be yours in 2018 Garage door retracts and out – silently – rolls the bluff, … [Read more…]